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The Rotary Club of Langport & Somerton was delighted to contribute £1,000 to a Ugandan water project where funds from a number of Clubs in D1200 (led by the Yeo Vale Club) as well as from the Foundation contributed to the refurbishment of a number of water wells as well as rainwater harvesting and improved sanitation for the Busoga Trust


This is another great example of Rotary International working collaboratively between Clubs in a District, a District in the "host" country being supported, and Rotary's own charitable foundation.




The Club was delighted to present a cheque for  £655 to Freewheelers, a volunteer charity that delivers blood and other medical requirements throughout Somerset. The cheque was presented to Ewen Macgregor when he came to speak to the Club about the charity's activities. 



On Saturday 16th September, members of the Rotary Club of Langport and Somerton raised over £550 to help those affected in the Carribean by Hurricane ‘Irma’.


Members were ‘Shaking their Buckets’ outside Tesco in Langport, and Williams supermarket in Somerton to raise this fantastic amount. All monies collected will be used to send ‘Water Survival Boxes’ to the worst affected areas in the Carribean. 


The box contains approx 50 essential items including a Shelter & Survival kit, Health & Hygiene, and General Household items. One key item in the box is the Water Purification Pump, that cleans and purifies dirty water and provides clean drinking water. These ‘Water Survival Boxes’ cost £150 each.


The Rotary Club of Langport & Somerton would like to thank everyone who gave so generously to the bucket collection. In recent days 500 ‘Water Survival Boxes’ have been sent to the worst affected areas in the Carribean.


If you would like to find out more about the good work that Rotary are doing both Internationally and locally in our Community then have a good look around our website.


Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance


The Club was delighted to welcome the CEO of our local Air Ambulance, Bill Sivewright, to a dinner meeting to talk about their excellent work throughout the two counties.


There was an ulterior motive of course as not only was he expected to "sing for his supper", but he was there to collect £2,500 raised at the Summer Ball.


Rotary is not all about raising money and handing out cheques, but when we do, we like to shout (or sing) about it, so below is a short montage of presentation snaps

The Rotary Club of Langport and Somerton have planted over 6000 purple crocus corms in the area, with hundreds ready to sprout in each of the following parishes:- Curry Rivel, High Ham, Aller, Long Sutton, Hambridge, Huish Episcopi, Langport and Somerton. Across the UK over 6 million crocus corms are being planted.

The crocus's in the villages have been planted on public grassed areas and should be in flower towards the end of February next year.


Why have these crocus's been planted?

Well, Rotary's charity is called the Rotary Foundation, and next February will be celebrating its 100th anniversary. In the last 30 years the Foundation has funded vaccinating children around the world against Polio, with the aim of eventually eradicating it.

30 years ago Polio was prevalent in over 125 countries around the world. Now in 2016 Polio is in only 3 countries (Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria), and so far this year there have only been 26 cases of Polio reported worldwide. To date over 2.5 billion children have been vaccinated around the world.

When a child has been vaccinated their 'pinkie finger' is marked with purple dye to indicate which child has been vaccinated. To mark the anniversary, and the progress made in eradicating Polio, this is the reason why purple crocus's are being planted.

Rotary are working in partnership with Bill Gates from Microsoft, and for every £1 that Rotary raises then Bill Gates with give £2 to become £3. It only costs 20p to vaccinate a child.


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